#Refugee Code Week: Preparing for the future (2017)

Young people in refugee camps are being given the chance to learn computer programming. The annual Refugee Code Week aims to empower them. DW went to Jordan to find out how much of a leg-up to a better future the program offers refugees.

SAP Refugee Code Week in Erbil (2017)

Hangaw Ali and Hama Shareef from Re:Coded are taking us on a tour of a Refugee Code Week coding workshop in Erbil. 

SAP Refugee Code Week: ICT Education Without Borders (2016)

This video was shot during the very first edition of Refugee Code Week at the UNHCR Zaatari Camp, Jordan: a 360 tour of the initiative's mission, vision and coding curriculum. 

RBK Impactathon

Hosted and sponsored by SAP in Dubai on February 1, 2016, this impactathon brought together leaders from the IT and humanitarian sectors to sharpen student recruitment strategies for RBK's coding bootcamp in Jordan.