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Forced to Flee, Some Refugees Are Rebooting Their Lives as Software Engineers

19 June 2019

SAP News

On World Refugee Day, June 20, SAP honors the plights as well as the successes of refugees as they rebuild their lives with courage and perseverance.

Developing Iraq’s Digital Agenda In A Bullet Proof Vest

28 November 2018


Meeting officials from Iraq’s brand-new technocrat-dominated government is no small accomplishment, but Batoul Husseini managed it with aplomb and a dash of creativity.

Attending a Code Week Can Change Your Life

24 October 2018

SAP News

“The Digital Skills for Today initiative directly improves quality of life for beneficiaries by providing in-demand skills for the 21st-century job market in and around conflict zones," says Batoul Husseini, director of Corporate Social Responsibility for Middle East and North Africa (MENA) at SAP.

اختتام فعاليات أسبوع البرمجة للاجئين 2017 من “إس إيه بي

26 October 2017


عدد من الشباب واللاجئين الذين خضعوا مدة 4 أشهر لدورات في البرمجة

L’intégration des réfugiés par le code

24 October 2017

SAP News

"Refugee Code Week cherche avant tout à faciliter l’intégration des réfugiés dans leur pays de destination. Leur formation professionnelle jouera pour cela un rôle déterminant. Dans la plupart des cas, nous leur faisons découvrir que le code est quelque chose d’accessible, et chez certains, une vocation va naître." Alexandra Darras, bénévole SAP en charge de l’organisation de Refugee Code Week en France, nous en dit plus sur l'impact et le fonctionnement de l'initiative.

Corporate Social Responsibility Is Much More Than A Checkbox On An Annual Report

24 October 2017


"I know from first-hand experience what it means to be displaced. Displaced from everything - your family, your routine, your possessions, your basic amenities. Everything. While I experienced a fraction of what some refugees go through today, nevertheless, it was devastating for my parents and terribly hard for me as a child." #HigherPurpose: Gergi Abboud, Managing Director, Gulf, North Africa, Levant and Pakistan at SAP, tells us more about his own story and views on how we can solve real world problems with skilled volunteering.

SAP Refugee Code Week 2017 Concludes Under Patronage of Queen Rania Al Abdullah

23 October 2017

Albawaba Business

Deputizing for Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, Minister of Information and Communication Technology Majd Shweikeh announced today the successful conclusion of Refugee Code Week 2017. Throughout the week, more than 15,000 Syrian refugees and Jordanian youth learned coding skills, preparing them to enter the global workforce and drive the digital economy.

Galway volunteers arm refugees with coding skills for a better future

04 February 2017

Galway Advertiser

BRENDAN SMITH, who has through his Outreach projects at the university since 2004 worked with asylum seekers in Ireland, was seconded from the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at NUI Galway to become a master instructor in RCW as well as in a sister programme, namely the highly successful Africa Code Week that has been operating since June 2015. Here is his story.

VIDEO! Refugee Code Week: Preparing for the future

03 November 2016

Deutsche Welle

10,000 young refugees across the Middle East took part in this training course. One venue was the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan. DW reporters went there to find out what challenges they face and what prospects education might open up for them.

Programmierkurse für 10.000 Flüchtlinge

30 October 2016

Frankfurter Allgemeine

Millionen von Flüchtlingen leben seit Jahren unter kritischen Umständen in Lagern, etwa in Jordanien oder im Libanon. Warum Programmierkurse vielen von ihnen helfen könnten.

SAP’s CSR schemes ensure sustainable future

24 October 2016

CAJ News Africa

Refugees in North Africa are among thousands benefiting from an initiative aimed at driving digital literacy among disadvantaged communities in the continent.

Mülteci öğrenciler için kodlama çalıştayı düzenlendi

24 October 2016


Başakşehir Belediyesi Living Lab'da, İstanbul'da yaşayan mülteci öğrenciler için kodlama çalıştayı düzenlendi.

Coding classes open new doors for Syrian refugees

21 October 2016

Al Jazeera English

Refugee Code Week aims to train more than 10,000 people across the Middle East in much-needed IT skills.

Private Sector Participants to the Call to Action

19 September 2016

The White House Briefing Room

In response to the President’s Call to Action, the following companies have put forward commitments to address the global refugee crisis.

Empowering Refugees For A Brighter Future

17 June 2016


Alicia Lenze, Head of Global Corporate Social Responsibility at SAP, tells us how governments, citizens, non-profits and the private sector have a role to play in responding to the refugee crisis.

Cracking the Code to Young Refugees’ Future

16 June 2016

SAP News

SAP teams up with the UNHCR to provide coding courses for refugees in October. SAP employees are currently training teachers throughout the Middle East.

1,000 refugees learn coding to support Middle East economy

29 May 2016

AME Info

More than 1,000 refugees residing in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey will be receiving coding training for one week, as a newly launched initiative aims to support them so they can become active contributors to these countries’ economies.

IT scheme to save refugee women from premature marriage

23 May 2016


Digital organizations teaching computer skills to refugee women want to expand in Turkey.