Share Your Projects!

So you think it's over? Think twice!

As you know, Scratch is more than a programming platform to learn coding and think creatively: it it is also a buzzing community of enthusiastic participants eager to collaborate and share their work.

Last week, you made new Scratch adepts and created new projects with them, so why not show off and share the most innovative projects developed by your students with the rest of the Digital Skills for Today family?

For that purpose, we created a dedicated DST Scratch account for you to upload your students' cool projects and discover more from other participating countries!


  1. Go to

  2. Click 'Sign in'
  3. Username: refugeecodeweek
    Password: CodingisFun!
  4. Once signed in, select 'My Stuff' in the drop-down list (located right under the sign-in name) or click the icon right beside the sign-in name.
    There, you will see projects already shared by other participants.
  5. Click  to add a new item to the list.

By the Way...

You can also share your projects directly from within the Scratch editor by using the 'File/Share to web' functionality.