About Refugee Code Week

With everything being moved forward by computers, coding has the power to put millions of young people on the path to successful careers. Instead, refugee camps are developing into permanent settlements where children don’t have the opportunity for education and rates of child labor are increasing - while companies around the world and across the MENA region are desperately looking for skilled ICT workers.

So the question is not if a full lifecycle of skills support for young refugees needs to be created, but when. For SAP and the Camden Education Trust, the answer is 'now'.

13,448 youth empowered
across 9 countries in 2017

The 2017 edition of Digital Skills for Today (DS4T) took place from October 15-22, with free coding workshops being organized across camps, community centres and universities in Egypt, France, Greece, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestinian Territories, Jordan, Sweden and Turkey. Leveraging the power of the ecosystem to bring coherence and scale to ICT literacy initiatives across EMEA, the initiative showcases the tremendous impact of public-private partnerships on youth empowerment in the digital age.

Working with Governments and Nonprofits to Make the World a Better Place

SAP’s enduring vision and purpose is to help improve people’s lives. With the global refugee crisis encompassing more than 21 million displaced people who have crossed international borders in search of safety, we can unequivocally say that those refugees are in dire need of assistance to improve their lives. This pledge is a recognition that government action is not enough to help address the crisis, and is in direct alignment with what SAP stands for as a company.

This is why SAP has teamed up with the Camden Education Trust to empower young refugees with software coding skills. The inaugural DS4T (then called “Refugee Code Week”) took place across the nations of Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Egypt from October 15-23, 2016, introducing coding to 10,070 youth.

In addition to introducing these young people to coding basics, Digital Skills for Today helps host and transit nation integrate coding education within school curricula, referring the most promising students to SAP partner RBK and Re:Coded for assistance in securing job placement.