About Digital Skills for Today

Launched by SAP at the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016, The Refugee Code Week initiative has been rebranded recently to “Digital Skills for Today” (DST). Implemented by key partners Injaz Al Arab, RBK, and re:Coded, DST is a great supporter and contributor to the One Milion Arab Coders initiative and backs the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: 







700+ coding bootcamp graduates already

SAP is partnering with ReBootKamp (RBK) and re:Coded to turn literacy into expertise, and expertise into employment. Bootcamps produced close to 600 market-ready engineers across all programs - full-stack engineer, blockchain bootcamp, AI bootcamp and seRAPis.

Introduction to Coding 

Over the past few years, our implementation partner INJAZ has helped us introduce more than 37 000 youth aged 8 to 17 to the basics of computer science. Most children come from an underprivileged background and have joined the program through a local community center. DST also enables beneficiaries to:

  • Opt for nanodegree certificates in data foundation and mobile development;
  • Access online and offline teaching materials;
  • Receive job-relevant education and seize job opportunities;
  • Participate in train-the-trainer sessions;
  • Access the Dubai Future Accelerators.